“Thank you Jesus for giving us a home to protect us from the storm. And God, give everyone a home. Amen.” — Emerson, age 5

As we continue to endure the cold season, I’m reminded of this prayer my daughter conveyed to God last winter. I love the simplicity to her thankfulness & faith. My oldest daughter has one of the largest hearts of anyone I know.

Whether its holding the hand of a scared teammate during one of her soccer games, pleading with me to give her a dollar so she can bless the guy holding a cardboard sign outside of In-n-Out, or continually praying for the homeless — my daughter’s tenacity to make a positive impact in her world is inspiring.

It can also be a little discouraging at times…

I find myself more conflicted with logistics to an issue than I do willing to trust God to provide. My convictions are swayed by overwhelming circumstances that seem impossible to tackle. My aspirations are quickly dismayed because of my unwillingness to believe in positive possibilities.

Despite the tinge of discouragement, though, I’ve learned a few things about prayer from my daughters…


Everytime my daughters [Emerson & Reese] pray, they spend the majority of the time thanking God for various things like food, family, and friends. [Frankie is still a lil’ babe, so she can’t talk/pray.] Giving thanks provides perspective. When we’re grateful, we avoid taking things for granted. Front load prayer with gobs of gratitude.


I have the tendency to sometimes craft my prayers like a sales pitch. I’m more concerned with the eloquence displayed in the words I communicate, rather than the relationship I have with Whom I’m communicating to in prayer. My girls don’t beat around the bush. They get to the heart of the matter & focus in on what it is exactly that they want. It’s ok to just spit it out & make your request clear to God.


My girls pray for the same stuff over & over again. Whether its for healthy parents, shelter for the homeless, or a good night’s rest… my girls don’t find it tedious to continually ask God for unaltered inquires. It’s possible to be consistent in the things you pray for without being repetitious & vain — like praying for a spouse or child to come to faith in Christ. Though we might not see immediate results, that shouldn’t deter us from sharing the desires of our heart to God on a regular basis.

It always amazes me how my children bring to life a passage of Scripture…

Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart. — Colossians 4:2 NLT

So what are your thoughts and/or tips when it comes to prayer?


  1. Another excellent article, Anson. THX for your reply to my first comment. I’m so glad you feel the way you do. We are looking forward to a trip to your neck of the woods but not sure when that will be. Lotsa love, Aunt Robyn

  2. Great post Anson. I find often the simplest prayers are the ones in which I find comfort. I will have to remember to be persistent. Thanks for such a much needed reminder for this season of our life.

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