Miley Cyrus, My Daughters, and Managing Success

This past Sunday night, I watched the VMAs [MTV’s Video Music Awards] with my wife, my mom, and my lil brother — kind of a weird experience. Growing up, my family never had cable television… let alone watch anything that could even be remotely compared to MTV, but I guess we’re all adults now so we can handle some extravaganza that’s totally geared towards tweens & live-tweeting bloggers. [Wow. Those are almost the same type of person, yet strangely different.]


Confession time: My motive behind wanting to watch the VMAs is because Continue reading “Miley Cyrus, My Daughters, and Managing Success”

I’m Writing A Book…

For the past month I’ve been a part of a social experiment initiated by one of my favorite bloggers & authors, Jon Acuff. The basis of the experiment was to gather a collective of folks that want to punch fear in the face and take a risk.


I welcomed the challenge & began the journey of writing my first book. My specific risk was outlining the creative work that I desire to write.

The working title for my book is Continue reading “I’m Writing A Book…”