Five Things Friday: 9.13.13

Hey friends! TGIF. Here are a few things from this week that made me either smile, think, laugh, and/or cry…

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1. “CAMPFIRE” — the newest album from Rend Collective Experiment

Rend Collective Experiment is an eclectic collective of multi-instrumentalists from the North of Ireland seeking an authentic outworking of their faith. Their tunes are catchy. Their songs are layered with a wide range of harmonies and unique sounds. Here’s the story behind their newest album…

And this is currently my favorite track from the record…

2. Henri Nouwen

One of my favorite things about Twitter is the ability for the wisdom & insight from old dead dudes that love Jesus to live on via tweets of quotes from said dead dudes. A tweet that impacted my heart & perspective this week came from the Dutch priest Henri Nouwen…

My hope is that the description of God’s love in my life will will give you the courage to discover God’s love in yours.

As a husband, father, pastor and writer — my desire is that the narrative of my relationship with God [the Good News of Christ working in/thru my life] would inspire those I influence to encounter & engage JESUS in a radical way. This quote affirmed and encouraged that desire.


All of us need resources, even in our area of expertise. It’s essential that we keep learning. Because once we stop learning, we begin to die a slow & stupid death. I am far from being an expert with regards to Middle School Ministry, but I have been given the responsibility & opportunity within our church to cultivate this ministry at CC Pacific Hills.

Tom Shefchunas (also known as “Coach Shef” or just “Shef”) is the North Point Ministries Multi-Campus Director of Transit, their Middle School Ministry. He is also the co-founder of His contribution to launching this online resource will prove to be a wonderful asset for those involved with youth ministry — especially middle school ministry.

I’m pumped to add this blog to my tool belt & stoked to pass it along to you. Check out the site HERE.

4. Five Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

If you’re a writer, then you’ve most certainly been faced with the paralyzingly feeling of not being able to capture your thoughts upon the page.

I’m in the midst of attempting to write my 1st book & already find myself intermittently unable to progress in this venture. I found this article from Ally Vesterfelt extremely helpful… you can read it HERE.

5. Jimmy Kimmel & the New iPhone

The new iPhones [yes, there’s more than one] were revealed this week. With still having the iPhone4, I’m in a spot where I kinda need to upgrade.

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to be the comical prankster when it comes to technology & random strangers walking up Hollywood Boulevard…

Have a great weekend!


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