Gay Marriage, Politics, and Social Media Soapboxes…

Opinions. All of us have ’em.

As soon as I open the Facebook app on my iPhone, it seems as though I’m bombarded with a variety of view points from all my “friends”. If you’re anything like me, you’re acquainted with a wide spectrum of folks ranging from progressive liberals to staunch fundamentalists. I repeatedly see content shared by my “friends” that exhorts those reading it [that would be me] that I better like or comment on the photo they’re sharing or I should just consider myself an inconsiderate jerk that hates unborn-babies, puppies, Jesus and/or the LGBT community if I scroll past their propaganda.


I hardly ever ‘like’ any of those sorts of things — not because I pride myself on being a PETA-hating, gay-bashing, anti-Jesus bigot… on the contrary — I love kids, dogs, Jesus, and folks that identity themselves within the LGBT community.

I usually don’t ‘like’ those things on FB or retweet their link more because of the fact that I think the quality of content design is poorly constructed & a lot of times ignorant.

Plus… I never want to be known for what I’m against.

I realize me writing this right now is pretty much the pot calling the kettle black… I’m not completely mute when it comes to polarizing subject matter. Even at this moment, I’m communicating my thoughts in regards to being against social media band-standing. And I totally want you to share my ideas with your friends by posting a link on your FB page or tweeting the link to your followers. Most definitely… I just hope that I’m not shaming folks that casually read this blog post in passing, then go about their day, and don’t broadcast it to their network of friends.

I have my own thoughts about politics & hot topic issues like legalizing gay marriage and/or banning Ryan Lochte from reality television… I just think that sometimes a soapbox isn’t necessarily the appropriate platform.

Our opinions are probably best conveyed over a cup of coffee or an ice cold IPA, rather than cyberspace. Remember that when Jesus taught the principles of what it means to follow Him & live your life accordingly, there was usually food and drink involved. It’s easy to drift away from having a personable approach when you conduct yourself online. Sometimes a huge plate of nachos is the perfect tension-relieving element to communicating your convictions to others. Heartfelt ideas are generally designed to be shared intimately, not in ALL-CAPS on a computer screen.

Call me old-fashioned, but I just think it’s better that way…

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