I am NOT but I know I AM

Most of us in our culture today are searching for a glimmer of significance. If we want to discover our true identity in life, then it is imperative that we come to the realization of who we AREN’T and recognize who Jesus IS.


In Louie Giglio’s book I am NOT but I know I AM, Louie gives us a roadmap for finding our place in this world… “we trade the starring role in the miserably small stories of us for supporting roles in the great Story of God.” Jesus came to this earth to usher us into an abundant life that revolves around God. He is the centrality of everything & we’re invited to be a part of His story.

The book, I am NOT but I know I AM, is sobering in the fact that Giglio makes it clear that our endeavors apart from God are microscopic in comparison to the ginormous narrative that God is producing. And it’s encouraging to realize that God has a purpose & a plan for us to participate in as we respond to the good news of the gospel. Our minuscule dreams are redeemed by the powerful work of Jesus & are in turn used to glorify, elevate, amplify, expand, emerge, exalt, and adore Christ as our Lord & Savior.

The point of the book isn’t to highlight how small we are, but to accentuate how BIG God is. The narrative of creation already has a Star — and its not you… but we shouldn’t lose hope just because life doesn’t revolve around us. On the contrary, this message gives us more hope than we can imagine. The buck doesn’t stop with us when the crud of life hits the fan. The weight of the world doesn’t have to remain on your shoulders — Jesus bears our burdens & paves a way for us to connect with our Creator amidst the expansive universe.

As you follow Jesus, you learn that God uses ordinary people to be implemented into His extraordinary story.

It amazes me at times to think about my past experiences in ministry & life, and realize that it’s not over. God has in store something more for each of us. If you’re still breathing, then God’s not done with you.

You can purchase a copy of Giglio’s book here.

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  1. Awesome. Its opposite from what the world teaches…I love the quote about trading roles. His ideas sounds much better to me!

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