I like… summer camp.

I like summer camp.

We just returned from summer camp w/ our JrHighers (IGNITE) this past week. Its always one of my most favorite times of the year. I’ve attended summer camp from the time I was 10 yrs old. I worked at a summer camp for two years while I was in college. Probably every close friend that I have, I could tell you a handful of legendary summer camp stories we have shared at one point or another.

Its amazing to see kids grow up, overcome fears, discover truth, and experience life at camp. This year I had the privilege to lead worship for the 400+ middle schoolers that attended camp. “Like a Lion” ended up inadvertently becoming the theme song for the week. It was awesome!

I have extremely strong convictions that every adolescent should have an opportunity to experience the awesome memory-making adventures that go along w/ summer camp.

Good times are summer camp times!

…BTW, I believe (when/where applicable) that a pit stop at In-n-Out on the way home from camp is REQUIRED 🙂

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