I’m Writing A Book…

For the past month I’ve been a part of a social experiment initiated by one of my favorite bloggers & authors, Jon Acuff. The basis of the experiment was to gather a collective of folks that want to punch fear in the face and take a risk.


I welcomed the challenge & began the journey of writing my first book. My specific risk was outlining the creative work that I desire to write.

The working title for my book is
currently “DATING DOOMSDAY PREPPERS: a survival guide for my daughters, their prospective boyfriends, and parents like me who are crapping their pants in terror”. I’m not sure if that’s the actual title of the book. I have yet to do my research on how marketable ‘crapping their pants’ is when part of a book title.

I have 3 daughters. They’re currently 7, 4, and 1 years old. You’d think that someone with grown gals & tons of parenting experience would be more qualified to write such a book. You’re probably right… but I’m not willing to wait that long to pen this piece and risk my precious girls ending up with some deadbeat dude because they weren’t equipped with such a survival guide as this. I want the same for you and your kids as well.

I have more than 10 years experience working with teenagers as a youth leader, counselor, and pastor. I was a teenager once, and have my fair share of dating mishaps that I can suggest to avoid — as well as a few nuggets of God-given insight. And I have a wealth of wisdom from mentors & people much smarter than myself that I intend to tap into for research and complimentary content.

So I’m confident that I can put together a book worth it’s weight in gold — well at least worth it’s weight in double-double cheeseburgers and richly brewed iced coffee.

My outline is complete. The plan is to begin writing the book September 1st. My goal is to finish the 1st draft in 8 weeks. [that means 6,000+ words/wk… what!?!] After my 1st draft is complete & I start the proof reading process, I intend to crowd source the funding needed to publish the book. Essentially, I’m going to pre-sale the book on a site like Kickstarter prior to its official release. [There are so many crowd sourcing sites out there these days, I’m still doing my research on which one is the best avenue for this initiative.]

I might be crazy. I AM crazy, but this is a dream of mine & I’m tired of it remaining just a thought I toss back/forth in my head. I sure could use your support and encouragement. You can leave a comment, like my Writing Page on Facebook, follow me on Instagram, or just give me a hug the next time we run into each other. Even though I’ve taken the first few steps in punching fear in the face, I continually struggle with doubts and anxiety concerning this wild adventure. I appreciate all the love passed along my way. Thanks!

God bless & happy Monday!

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  1. It sounds amazing Anson!! And um, I need a copy pronto!! Well I do have some time actually so I will patiently wait. Will be praying for you, this is quite the undertaking but God has called you, He will equip you! Bless you brother.

  2. Awe, this is great! Sounds like a dream that needs to be birthed and a topic that suits you 😉 Will be praying for you. And, with regards to your last paragraph…Someday, I think my family will be encouraging you with a hug 😉

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