Justice is an essential component within the infrastructure of our society. It’s putting into motion how things SHOULD be as our brokenness is rectified.

First-time author, Ken Wytsma, is the president of Kilns College, founder of the Justice Conference, and pastor of Antioch Church in Bend, OR. He wrote the book Pursuing Justice with the intent that we would consider living & dying for “bigger things”. All of us live & die for things on a daily basis. Whether its a sports team, theological stance, and/or a corporate brand — we uphold our convictions for things that might not truly matter at the end of the day.

Pursuing Justice is about recovering the expansive, biblical concept of justice & inviting it back into our lives. In the same vein as books like Francis Chan’s Crazy/Love or David Platt’s Radical, Wytsma engages the reader to take inventory of our lives & the implications of justice without shaming us or placing heavy burdens of guilt. Ken breaks down the travesties involved with matters such as manufacturing video game consoles, but he doesn’t feel the need to condemn those of us that play Madden. He leaves it in the hands of the reader to decide how we are going to approach the various injustices around the globe, as well as ones in our backyard.

It’s clear that JUSTICE is simply that which ought to be… and that concept is deeply engrained within the heart of God. As you read Pursuing Justice, it’s clear that justice is woven throughout the WHOLE gospel.

Ken uses a balanced attack of philosophy & personal revelation to convey that the pursuit of happiness fuels the Christian to pursue justice. As we have been created in the image of God, we have the capabilities to activate our capacity for empathy that has been designed within our being as we are empowered by the Spirit of God. This book lends itself to kickstart our heart, mind, and soul to respond to the heart of God and the way in which He’s wired us to seek justice in our lives & for those throughout the world.

Initially, I reflected on my time spent living in South Africa with my wife & first-born daughter while I read through this book. The number of injustices we ran across was overwhelming at times. What I learned from that year and a half living abroad, and what Wytsma reiterates in Pursuing Justice, is that we can’t save the world from every evil — only God is able to accomplish that & is faithful to do so according to His will — but we can affect & change our world around us one day at a time. I recommend that everyone pickup a copy of this book at your local bookstore or download onto your tablet.

I’m giving away one copy of Pursuing Justice here on my blog. All you have to do is share in the comments section how you feel called to pursue justice in your own life. Is there a particular cause and/or area of need impressing upon your heart in which you can address practically? The recipient will be randomly selected this Friday, March 1st.

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  1. I feel called to be a light by writing and education. By hosting women’s book studies on Half the Sky and Half the Church and helping each women find a way she can practically engage the world and bring justice.

  2. I am sensing a call to pursue justice via homeless ministries here in Austin. Along with these, our church small group is engaging with gov’t low-income housing development where we will be helping with dinners, teaching, cultivating relationships with families. Will probably change me as much as it changes them. May the Lord’s kingdom come.

  3. Hi Anson long time since we spoke. This book sounds cool. This is a topic everybody needs to hear. Justice is not just a right and wrong statement… But a lifestyle we need to build in our lives. Pursuing justice can only happen when God is in the lead. His justice and not the justice of man. Only when we understand His justice can we fully live a just life. Just some quick thoughts on justice… Where did you get the book in Paarl? Be blessed!!!

    1. Rudi! I have no clue where you might get this book in Paarl, but the publisher is Thomas Nelson Books — so the local bookstore at Paarl Mall might carry it. I hope you & your family are doing well. Miss you bro. God bless!

  4. “… we can’t save the world from every evil — only God is able to accomplish that & is faithful to do so according to His will — but we can affect & change our world around us one day at a time.” sounds like some good wisdom to me gleaned here. Thanks Anson!

  5. I feel like I am called to help the ‘bullied and the picked on’ in society today. Those left on the fringes…to let them know they are loved and needed in God’s kingdom.

  6. Mr. Sexton… singing Pastor man… bro-hammer, the premise of this book seems awesome from first glimpse. The older I become, the more I take the leap of faith from my desire for justice, to seeing my role in justice diminished by God’s grace and purpose in justice. My life has seen it’s fair share if “injustice” for sure… but really? How much of that was my actual benefit then or later on? Now, amazingly that same crime has become His tool to sustain, encourage, empathize and supports the most important cause… other peeps. Also, when I might feel devastated by seeing injustice on others, I’m comforted in knowing His plan, His providence, His will be done. Biblical justice is a truth that sees its full potential when we remove our flawed intellect and let God reign. Biblical justice is perfect and pure. Biblical justice is what our world needs and ultimately gets whether man wants it or not.

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