I like… singing.

I like singing.

I probably prefer singing over actually talking. Most of the time I am “talking” to myself, I’m really singing. I constantly am humming a tune and singing falsetto under my breath. This terribly annoys my wife — sorry babe 😉

I grew up singing. My mom sang along with praise/worship cassettes in the car everywhere we drove. When my dad got enough beers in him (aka ‘liquid courage’), he’d start singing along to the Hank Williams tape blaring in his pickup truck while we were fishing on the Siuslaw River.

As an adolescent, I only listened to music I could sing along with… if the band/artist had an obscure voice (or was a female), then I usually wasn’t interested. I leaned towards a large dose of pop-punk (MxPx, Blink-182, The Ataris, etc.) & ska (OC Supertones, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, etc.)… btw, my musical preferences have definitely evolved since I was 15, but I still enjoy some MxPx blasting w/ the windows rolled down on a long road trip.

Lately, I’ve been singing along to the likes of Bon Iver, Foster the People, Will Reagan and Taylor Swift (my daughters love her & her tunes are EXTREMELY catchy, so stop judging).

I also sing songs that I write.

This Friday I’ll be singing five songs that I’ve wrote over a span of 9 years…

The chorus to one of those songs goes:


It’s a simple reminder for me and those listening that as much as I love singing, there’s is more to life than getting up on stage & singing my guts out.

What are we singing about? Who are we singing to?

I like… reading.

I like reading.


Honestly, I’m more partial to watching television, going to the movies, and listening to music/podcasts… but I do like to read.

I mostly read blogs, magazines, and billboards… yet, books are definitely my favorite. I don’t like e-readers, though. There is something about turning actual pages and carrying around a different book every few weeks that just seems right. And this is coming from someone that is a lover of all things tech. Its awesome to see the book cover age with time read after read. I enjoy seeing the character that the book adapts as I tote it from my bedside table, to my cubicle at work, to the local coffee shop, so on and so forth back to my bookshelf in the hallway cupboard of our 1000 sqft condo here in Lake Forest, CA.

The book I read the most is the bible. Go figure, I’m a pastor. I teach middle-schoolers. More times than not, it’s the only book I’m reading. This week I’m reading thru & studying Genesis 6-9 while I prepare to deliver this Sunday’s message. I like to read things repeatedly. When studying for a message, I will normally read the entire text 6-8 different times. When I read a book, it isn’t uncommon for me to read the same sentence 4-5 times before moving on to the next sentence/page/chapter. I like to soak it in…

What do you like to read?